Welcome to the world of My Health Card. Now you and your family can be a member of a selected group of individuals, who are a part of a unique and a revolutionary concept in health care service. My Health Card will enable you and your family to enjoy a host of discounts and highly desirable services that were not possible ever before!

It provides free and discounted services all over the city at specified outlets and networks where you can save thousands of rupees through My Health Card which is being supported and facilitated by medical professionals and experts from and all walks of life.

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My privilege card is a product of life lines medical services which is largely designed to deliver family entertainment services being accepted at several famous restaurants and can be used to reserve a farm house, have dinning, book a room or convention hall at hotels and restaurants.

As we believe that everyone has the right to have privileges so far we make it possible to haves privileges!

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You can simply apply for the card by submitting an online application form or you may call at our customer care numbers for further assistance.

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Life Lines professional and experienced staff are quite friendly and committed to deliver personalized attention to your needs and requirements
Call 34150525-29


It is our ultimate priority to respond to our customers so they may have convenience to access our system and can avail timely services.

Recognized And Co-Operative

It is our service standard that we hire recognized merchants and have
Co-operative affiliates so the members can avail services comfortably.